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Sélection de publications récentes

  • Clerc, S. et al. Subglacial to proglacial depositional environments in an Ordovician glacial tunnel valley, Alnif, Morocco. Palaeogeogr. Palaeoclim. Palaeoeco. 370, 127–144 (2013).
  • Deschamps, R., Eschard, R., Roussé, S., 2013 — Architecture of Late Ordovician glacial valleys in the Tassili N’Ajjer area (Algeria). Sedimentary Geology, 289, 124-147. Lien
  • Davies, J. R, Waters, R. A, Molyneux, S. G., Williams, M., Zalasiewicz, J. A., Vandenbroucke, T. R. A. & Verniers, J. 2013. A revised sedimentary and biostratigraphical architecture for the Type Llandovery area, Central Wales. Geological Magazine, 150 (02), 300 - 332. doi:10.1017/S0016756812000337
  • Delabroye, A., Munnecke, A., Servais, T., Vandenbroucke, T. R. A. & Vecoli, M. 2012. Abnormal forms of acritarchs (phytoplankton) in the upper Hirnantian (Upper Ordovician) of Anticosti Island, Canada. Review of Palaeobotany and Palynology, 173, 46–56, doi : 10.1016/j.revpalbo.2011.10.010. 
  • Douillet G., Ghienne J.-F., Géraud Y., Abueladas A., Diraison M., Al-Zoubi A., 2012 — Late Ordovician tunnel valleys in southern Jordan. Special Publication of the Geological Society, London, v. 368, 275-292.
  • Ghienne, J.-F., Moreau, J., Degermann, L., Rubino, J.-L. 2013 — Lower Palaeozoic unconformities in an intracratonic platform setting : Glacial erosion vs. tectonics in the eastern Murzuq Basin (southern Libya). International Journal of Earth Sciences, 102, 455-482, doi : 10.1007/s00531-012-0815-y la publication
  • Girard F., Ghienne J.-F., Rubino J.-L. 2012 — Occurrence of hyperpycnal flows and hybrid event beds related to glacial outburst events in a Late Ordovician proglacial delta (Murzuq Basin, SW Libya). Journal of Sedimentary Research, 82, 688-708, doi : 10.2110/jsr.2012.61
  • Girard F., Ghienne J.-F., Rubino J.-L., 2012 — Channelized sandstone bodies (« Cordons ») in the Tassili N’Ajjer (Algeria & Libya) : snapshots of a Late Ordovician proglacial outwash plain. Special Publication of the Geological Society, London, v. 368, p. 355-379.
  • Nutz, A., Ghienne, J.-F ; Schuster, M., Certain, R., Robin, N., Roquin, C., Raynal, O., Bouchette, F., Duringer, P., Cousineau, P. 2014 — Seismic stratigraphic record of a deglaciation sequence : From the marine Laflamme Gulf to Lake St Jean (late Quaternary, Québéc, Canada). Boreas, 43, 309-329. la publication
  • Nutz, A., Ghienne, J.-F., Storch, P. 2013 — Circular, cryogenic structures from the Hirnantian deglaciation sequence (Anti-Atlas, Morocco). Journal of Sedimentary Research, 83, 115-131, doi : 10.2110/JSR.2013.11

18 septembre 2014